Your Complete Guide to Virtual Fitness

Victoria Shepherd
Written By Victoria Shepherd
On Mar, 4 2021
2 minute read

Virtual fitness is more popular than ever, thanks to the latest technology as well as the convenience of working out when you want to and where you want to. 

Fitness apps generally charge much less for monthly fees as well as low fees for races and challenges. They can be done at your own pace, without the pressure of keeping up with others at the gym. So, if you are new to the world of virtual wellness, relax and read as we offer you the complete guide to get you started.

How it Works

Virtual wellness is a way to workout online or with an app, without having to be at a class or gym in person. Today you can find a range of virtual fitness programs in which you can compete in races, focus on ab workouts, take part in personal challenges and even track your progress.

To get started check out YouTube for fitness classes that appeal to you for a home workout. If you prefer to be outside or get your cardio at home with a bike or treadmill, a fitness app and mobile device will open you up to the world of virtual races that will take you on trails around the world.

Equipment Needed

If you work out at home, be sure you have the right equipment for the workout that you choose. A workout mat is often standard, and some programs may require dumbbells, various levels of resistance bands ,or gliding discs. Also, make sure you wear the right shoes to protect your knees and ankles from injury.


Virtual Races and Challenges

Many apps include virtual races, where you can compete against yourself to continuously improve your distance, duration, or speed. But you don’t have to run to take advantage of most fitness apps, because you can walk or bike if you prefer. The goal is to complete the distance of the race at your own pace and strive for your personal best.

Virtual challenges usually provide guidelines for a certain amount of time to complete a challenge. For example, a 12-day workout to tone your body will incorporate several different exercises that work various muscle groups to maximize your time and effort. By the end of 12-days, you will have completed the challenge.

Benefits of Virtual Fitness

There are many benefits to virtual fitness that gyms don’t offer, such as:

  • You can do a class or challenge when it is convenient for your schedule
  • Work out in the comfort of your home
  • Save money because virtual classes cost less
  • Explore the world through virtual trails in a race

If your virtual wellness exercise of choice is a race, you are free to run, walk or cycle. And some apps like Yes.Fit provides interactive communities, where members keep each other motivated for even better results.

If you are looking for the right virtual wellness program, you won’t be disappointed. There are choices to fit every lifestyle and will provide the cardio and strength training you need, so you can leave the excuses behind and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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