Yes.Fit Partners with The Humane Society of Tampa Bay for The Cat’s Meow Virtual Race

Victoria Shepherd
Written By Victoria Shepherd
On Jul, 9 2021
2 minute read

Yes.Fit will be launching “The Cat’s Meow” Virtual Race this July and has partnered with The Humane Society of Tampa Bay to bring awareness of homeless animals in need. A portion of the proceeds from this race will be donated to their charity.

Cats are an enigma that have captured the hearts of people for thousands of years. Their mysterious personalities and adorable looks have made them an incredibly popular pet throughout the world. Join Yes.Fit as they virtually take you to Cat City in Kuching, Borneo where cat statues dot the landscape for all to enjoy.

Yes.Fit is a virtual race and fitness platform dedicated to motivating people throughout their health and wellness journey in a fun and engaging way.

"Since I came to Yes.Fit, I always wanted to do a race focusing on the cat lovers out there. I also have had great experiences with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and have first-hand knowledge of the inspiring and amazing things they do for so many animals in the area.” -Victoria Shepherd, Director of Marketing at Yes.Fit

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need. As of 2021, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has saved 10,420 animals, has a 93% save rate, and has given away 113,538 pounds of pet food to keep pets in homes.

“We are excited to partner with Yes.Fit to bring awareness surrounding TNVR and homeless cats. We look forward to participating in the challenges and cheering on participants. Thank you in advance to everyone who signs up, your participation is saving the lives of homeless animals in need.”

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides shelter for homeless & at-risk animals, adoptions, hospital and TNVR services for the general public; operates independently from the Humane Society of the United States.

Cat's Meow Virtual Race

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