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Shark Week 2020

Coach Chris
Written By Coach Chris
On May, 18 2021
1 minute read

We're bringing Shark Week 2020 Back!

A race you can really sink your teeth into.

Yes.Fit is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage and motivate our users! We offer a variety of themes, locations and distances that will appeal to a variety of people with different needs and interests. With over 500,000 race participants to date and a 200 thousand-member social media following, the stakes are high! And we love it! We are committed to delivering digital races and fitness themes that speak to and motivate our users.

Now the fun stuff, Sharks!!

At Yes. Fit, different event themes are tossed around daily. Depending on the logistics, some themes are birthed and others are delayed. One day, someone BRILLIANT said the word, “Shark Race” and then the wheels really started spinning! The next word to be exclaimed was “Discovery”. It was one of those theme ideas that everyone was instantly energized and excited about.

“When the team came together to talk about a shark race, I knew I wanted to team up with Discovery for a Shark Week race. It was a necessity if we wanted to bring our users the best Shark Week race ever.” Kevin Transue, CEO

This household name and highly anticipated series from Discovery Channel is where you go for all things sharks. Discovery’s ability to educate and entertain its fans around the world is unparalleled. So we made the appropriate moves to make it happen! We we’re all so excited when it was official!

“When I found out that we were partnering with Discovery Channel I got excited! I already had a vision in my head for what the medal would look like and I couldn't wait to get started. I was so excited about partnering with Discovery for Shark week. The ideas started brewing for where to route the run and all of the fun facts we could give our users. It has been by far one of the best partnerships we have done. The Shark week task force is amazing!” - Heather Peterson, Marketing Manager

Shark Week 2020 virtual race

Fin-Tastic Ending:

Yes.Fit is proud to present the Discovery Shark Week 2020 Virtual Challenge. An adventure into the waters near Seal Island in False Bay, Africa. One of the few places in the world where great white sharks can be seen breaching as part of their predatory behavior. This digital race experience is filled with beautiful imagery and educational facts straight from the sharks mouth.

For more about sharks, head to

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