How to Stay Motivated when you're NOT

Victoria Shepherd
Written By Victoria Shepherd
On Mar, 11 2021
4 minute read

Aside from athletes and professional fitness trainers, getting in shape and staying fit is a challenge for most of us. Beginning a new fitness program is fun when lofty goals and motivation are fresh in our minds. But motivation can quickly fade as life creeps in giving us too much to do with too little time. So how do we overcome this?

Luckily, with today’s technology, fitness apps can take your motivation levels up a notch with virtual fitness challenges or even help you enter a virtual race in a far-off land. The possibilities are endless with apps that help boost your imagination and can make fitness fun again. Here are some interesting ways to stay motivated, especially when you’re not feeling it.

Make Fitness an Adventure

Use a fitness app to run with elephants in Thailand or take a trek in the tundra where you will encounter grizzly bears and northern lights. Fitness apps like Yes.Fit offer adventures that allow you to race at your own pace. Take advantage of races as you walk, jog, run or bike when you want to and where you want to. Adventures like these make exercise fun, so if running doesn’t motivate you, the excitement will.

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Hire Your Own Personal Trainer

Sometimes going to the gym or doing an exercise class may feel intimidating, and when you don’t feel motivated, getting dressed and going there become even more of a challenge. But the Yes.Fit app comes with a virtual fitness challenge complete with a coach to help guide and motivate you in the privacy of your own home. Certain challenges vary in days, but are designed in a way to make it easy for you to follow without feeling overwhelmed. If you're just starting out, check out our 7-day Squat or 7-day Push-up Challenge. Ready for a challenge? Then check out our 12 days of fitness where each workout can be done in roughly 20 minutes or less!


Join a Community

An often-recommended practice for self-motivation is to look for help from family and friends, which is great advice if you have family and friends with the same schedule as you do. If you are looking for 24-hour support, an online community might be another option to help you stick with your fitness goals. Online communities that are centered around fitness apps often have members from all over the world that are online and ready to help each other stay excited and motivated. At Yes.Fit, we've got an amazing and an extremely motivational support Facebook group. Check it out and join today!

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Reward Yourself

A reward is one of the best ways to use positive reinforcement to stay motivated. For example, buy yourself a new hoodie or cute shirt to workout in when you reach certain goals. Fitness apps make rewards easy with medals and t-shirts that you can earn once a virtual race or challenge is complete, and monitoring your progress is easy with an app, so you stay on track.

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Do Anything to Move Your Body

When you feel completely unmotivated, decide to simply move. If your exercise is normally running, then go for a relaxing walk instead. Any movement is better than being sedentary and incorporating a fitness app with an adventure race just might be enough to motivate you to turn your relaxing walk into a stimulating run.


We incorporated the fitness app technology as a new and innovative way to stay motivated. Taking advantage of the technologies available can help you reach all your fitness goals so you can find your inner strength. With regular use, self-motivation becomes a habit that anyone will appreciate.

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