5 Workouts You Can Do During Your First Trimester

Kelsey Hodros
Written By Kelsey Hodros
On Mar, 11 2021
2 minute read

Mama, I 100% get it. Thinking about working out during your first trimester can be scary, exhausting, and challenging, especially when you feel nauseous all dang day. Not to mention, our hormones are all over the place and sometimes, at least for me, all I think about is sweets. So when it comes to working out during this magical time in your first trimester it can truly feel like a chore in itself. Plus, the very last thing we want to do is workout unless maybe someone scooped ice cream into our mouths while we do each set and rep. Can I get an amen, haha!

My strategy to working out is to take it one day at a time. I do what I can with what I got (hello Rachel Hollis inspiration). If you only have 5 minutes where you feel somewhat normal, not throwing up, or feel like you’ve spent the night on the town, use that time to go for a walk around your backyard, do a weight arm workout or do 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 wall pushups and repeat that a few times.

Here are five workout recommendations for your first trimester (remember to always consult with your physician before working out or starting a new program): 

  1. Start slow. Try to aim for 10 minutes each day especially if you have never worked out before. Then work your way up to 30 minutes a day moving your body through walking, pregnancy recommended yoga, or strength training. I’ve started to work on my upper body strength so I can carry our sweet baby around all day. 
  2. Stick with workout moves  you know or have done pre-pregnancy. Try not to do new moves or try a new piece of equipment unless it is with a certified trainer. 
  3. Work on engaging your core and pelvic floor which after reading about the pelvic floor I am 100% going to be working that muscle...can we say no more pee when you sneeze. 
  4. Always begin your workout with a warm-up and end them with a cool down. It helps to bring your heart rate down slowly. Stretch when you can as well. Be sure to be on the lookout for Yes.Fit Instagram page for stretching motivation and moves.
  5. Have fun! You do not need to do a workout that you will not enjoy. Try to pick something that you may like to do. If walking is your thing, put on a podcast and walk it out. Maybe dancing around your house to your favorite songs or lifting light weights is something you like to do. Whatever it is, enjoy it! 

 Any movement is better than no movement so try your best to get up and move even if just for a few minutes every day. You might be surprised by how much better you feel after. You got this mamas!

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