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How to Camp like a Champ in 2021

Victoria Shepherd
Written By Victoria Shepherd
On Mar, 24 2021
3 minute read

Camping is an inexpensive and fun thing to do on a weekend getaway or a vacation for an entire week. Connecting with nature and reconnecting with family is what makes this type of getaway popular. Today’s campgrounds offer conveniences that both the novice and the experienced camper will enjoy. Whether you have camped before or have never done it, this handy guide will help you camp like a champ in 2021.

What to Bring Camping

Planning is key when getting ready for your adventure. Having the right equipment and tools will ensure your trip is enjoyable and comfortable for you and your family. Here is a list of some of the essentials you don’t want to forget when camping.

  1. Tent – If you have a new tent or have never put one up before, it is better to put it up in your yard first (or wherever you can), to make sure you have all the parts you need such as a hammer, stakes, and ground tarp etc.
  2. Camping Chairs – Not all campsites have picnic tables, and if they do, they just aren’t as comfortable as a camping chair for enjoying the nighttime fire.
  3. Sleeping Bags – Be sure each family member has a sleeping bag that suits the weather and a sleeping pad to help soften the ground.
  4. Kitchen Kit – Include items for all your cooking needs such as pots, a frying pan, cutting board, plates, bowls, cups, utensils, spatulas, can opener, bottle opener, and corkscrew.
  5. Camping Stove – While not necessary, they can make cooking easier, especially for larger groups and multiple dishes.
  6. Water – Always carry plenty of water, and some more than what you think you will drink, in case an emergency arises. Stay hydrated all day with this wide-mouth bottle. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The wide mouth allows for quick filling and easy cleaning.
  7. Cleanup Kit – A cleanup kit will help you stay organized. Include dish soap, sponges, hand sanitizer, paper towels, trash bags and anything you need to keep your tent and eating area clean. This will also help in keeping bugs and bears away.
  8. First Aid Kit – These might be sold in pre-made kits or you can put together your own with gauze, tape, bandages, tweezers, bug spray, sunburn spray, and a topical antibiotic.
  9. Toiletries – These help you stay fresh, so don’t forget soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, and even extra toilet paper just to be safe.
  10. Camping Clothes – Always check the weather prior to arriving to where you'll be staying because temperature differences can change drastically, like going from summer to winter with an elevation change. Don’t forget sleeping clothes so you and your family are warm enough all night (and for that early morning bathroom run!) Keep the sun out of your face with this distressed trucker cap, or if you need to keep yourself warm, then snag one of our outdoor beanies. Finally, our vintage hoodie will keep you warm and cozy, while hanging by the campfire.
  11. Lights, Chargers, and Batteries – Always keep extra batteries and make sure you have enough lanterns to light your area or to take with you on a late-night walk to the bathroom.


Camping for families and newbies is best done in a campground until you get more experience. They provide services like running water and bathrooms, so you have some of the at-home comforts. To find a campground, check the website of your local park, and keep in mind that reservations are often required.

Camp Themed Virtual Races

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